You Ought to Know


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You Ought to Know (15%)


  • Your work must be presented on a web based page, such as Populr (This is what I use for my syllabus. It’s free to signup and use.) Other blog-like pages, such as WordPress may be used, instead. 
  • You must post the link to your page on the CIDocs document “Web Page Links” found in the You Ought to Know folder.
  • Answers the question: “What is an important issue that a beginning student in your field should think about and understand?”
  • Identify the specific lower division course for which you would like to create the page. Your audience will be the students in the course.
  • The web page must include a minimum of 3 outside sources cited in the text in MLA format and a works cited section at the bottom of the page, which is also in MLA format.

Draft due Week 12


  • Choose a lower division course you have already taken.
  • Topic selection should be of interest to beginning students in your major enrolled in a lower division major class (e.g. students enrolled in a 100 or 200 level business course).
  • To reduce your work load, you may want to choose a topic for this assignment that would also work for the Making A Difference assignment.
  • The web page should take a position, not just be informational. The topic should be something where there are differing points of view on the issue. Your page should have a clear main idea that reasonable folk could disagree about.
  • Content is up to you, but some suggestions would be: Background or history of the issue, differing viewpoints on the issue, real life examples, supporting reasons for your position.
  • The web page should be graphically interesting for your audience. If copyrighted images are used, create an images cited section in addition to a works cited. Canva can be useful for generating interesting graphics to insert into the web page.