You Ought to Know Presentation


You can find out much more about best practices for creating screencasts by conducting a web search. Helpful tips can be found in both print and video.

You Ought to Know Presentation (10%)


  • You will record an individual screencast presentation about how you created your You Ought to Know web page. 
  • Answers the question: “How did you tailor this writing project to your audiences’ needs?”
  • Your video must be uploaded to You Tube, and you must post the URL address to “Screencast Presentation Links” in CIDocs>You Ought to Know.
  • Your screencast presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes and is directed towards your instructor.

Screencast deadline is August 8


  • You may use any screencast recording software. Screencast-o-matic is free and relatively easy to use, as is Jing. Mac users also have QuickTime built in to their devices, which allows you to record your computer screen. For better quality and editing capabilities, one can pay a modest amount ($15 on Screencast-o-matic) for an annual subscription.
  • You should try to use a microphone for better sound quality. Even microphones on ear buds are an improvement over your computer’s microphone.
  • If you have a personal gmail account, the same user name and password can be used for your You Tube account.
  • Writing out a script of what you want to say before recording the screencast will save you a lot of time and make for a smoother presentation.
  • Your screencast presentation should show and discuss specific examples from your web page to support your claims about how you tailored the document toward your audience. Using your web page as your only visual for the screencast is acceptable.
  • Your discussion should reference sources from the collaborative presentations earlier in the semester. Show the instructor how concepts learned earlier in the semester are helping you analyze audience.