Week 8

1.   Peer Review Groups:

New peer review groups for this week.

2.   Read your peers’ Making a Difference proposal and leave comments that address the following:
  • How effectively does the statement of purpose represent the rest of the proposal (Introduction, Rationale, Methods, etc.)? In other words, how well do all the parts fit together?
  • How effective is the timeline in light of what was written in the methods section? Does the timeline appear achievable and appropriate?
  • How effectively are budget figures explained in budget notes? How appropriate are the budget figures in light of what was written in the methods section?
  • Given that class activities will no longer address this assignment and the writer will be working on the project on his/her own, is there anything you would encourage your peer to look at more closely between now and portfolio submission?
3. Log #9: Midsemester assessment

Write a two-page (minimum), double-spaced personal essay where you look back over the first half of the semester and attempt to identify what you have learned thus far.

  • Address both assignments, Making a Difference and You Ought to Know, and what you have learned thus far from researching and writing them.
  • Address your log and what it has taught you as you wrote and explored different topics (analyzing assignments, examining your own literacy history, writing for the web and slides) in this less formal format.
  • Address your peer review experiences thus far and what you have learned from working with your peers collectively and individually. Please note by name any peers that you thought were most helpful.
  • Address the online environment this class takes place in and how it has had impacted you and your learning. What have you learned about yourself as a self-learner? Do you need to take any steps to be a stronger self-learner?
  • Make note of any other ideas, thoughts, concerns you would like to share with me. I look forward to reading your reflections and responding to them.

Note: This is the final log before I grade it. If any of your work was late or incomplete, I encourage you to finish it now, prior to this week’s deadline. You will still be penalized but completing any missing work will improve your grade.

All work is due Friday at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time.