Week 6

1.   Peer Review Groups:

New peer review groups for this week and next.

2.   Read your peers’ background and rationale to Making a Difference project and leave comments for each of the peers in your peer group:
  • Go to the Making a Difference folder in CI Docs and click on your peer’s draft.
  • Leave comments by using what is called the 2 stars and one wish approach. Stars are positive – leave 2 positive comments; a wish is an improvement you would like to see or in this case, a helpful idea you want to share with your peer – leave 1 improvement comment. 
3.   Making a Difference Methods due

Read Introduction to Primary Research: Observations, Surveys, and Interviews

To receive credit for this draft, you need to cite the above article in this section. This chapter will serve as your primary source for this section. Select   material from this chapter to cite in the methods section. This source will help explain and justify to your readers what you are doing and why.

Methods description: 

Describe the research methods or creative techniques to be used, and include a justification for this specific approach by citing outside sources.


500 – 750 words or 1/2 to 3/4 of a page

Where to post your methods:

Post the  methods in CIDocs directly following your background and rationale from last week.

4.   You Ought to Know web page draft due

New to Populr? You might find this video helpful.

Want to see some strong examples? Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

Where to post the link to your draft:

CIDocs>You Ought to Know folder>Web page links – follow instructions on the document. Note: Double-check to make sure you have posted a link to the page, not your Populr account.

5.   Log #8: A letter to my web page peer reviewers

Write a one page letter to your peer reviewers addressing the following:

  • Summarize the background for your selection: class, where you took the class, where this lesson came in the course, why you selected this particular lesson.
  • What is your purpose for the web page? How do you expect the web page to be helpful?
  • Who is the audience for the web page? Describe both the students taking the class and the professor. What steps did you take to meet your audiences’ needs?
  • What persona did you need to adopt to communicate with your audience(s) and to fulfill your purpose(s)?
  • What is your argument?
  • How did you make use of what you learned about writing for the web in creating your web page? What concepts were most important to you for this first draft?
  • Note any elements you would like your peers’ to comment on in their review. The more specific the comments, the stronger the peer review. If you only want them to tell you what they like, say so. If you want them to ignore some part of the web page, say so. Let them know how they can be helpful when they look over your work.