Week 4

1.   Peer Review Groups:

New peer review groups for this week and next.

2.   Read your peers’ Log #4 in CIDocs and leave comments for each of the peers in your peer group:
  • Go to the log folder and click on your peer’s log. Everyone in the class has access to everyone’s documents.
  • Leave comments by using what is called the 2 stars and one wish approach. Stars are positive – leave 2 positive comments; a wish is an improvement you would like to see – leave 1 improvement comment.
3.   Making a Difference Introduction due

Introduction description:

Describe the problem to be investigated making use of outside sources to show that the problem is significant. Follow with a statement of the objectives of the proposed project, and then a discussion of the solution to be tested, or the creative endeavor to be undertaken, and the anticipated significance of the project. Note the 4 parts to the introduction.


This is one of the longer sections of the proposal. Aim for 500 – 750 words for this draft. This section should be 1/2 to 3/4 of a page, single-spaced.

Where to post your introduction: 

  • Log on to MyCI and go to CIDocs
  • Click on the Shared with Me folder on the left side of the screen.
  • Find the English 330 folder I shared with you and open it.
  • Find the folder labeled “Making a Difference” and open it.
  • Click on the new button then scroll down and click on Google Docs to create a new doc.
  • Click on “Create and Share” when the pop up “Create in a Shared Folder?” comes up. Everyone in the class has access to everyone’s documents. Often, classmates will read and comment on other classmates’ draft entries.
  • Name the doc using your first name (e.g. Clifton’s MAD).
  • Post each part of the proposal as it comes due in this document. In other words, you will add to the document and build the proposal over the coming weeks.
4.   Log #6: Research and your writing

Write a two-page (minimum), double-spaced personal essay where you discuss your experience in your higher education career conducting research and using outside sources in your writing. Some ideas to explore in this essay:

  • What has been your experience reading outside source materials assigned by faculty?
  • How was researching/writing for one class different from another? Was that explained to you?
  • What has been the role of form and formatting when you have had to use outside sources in your writing? When has form and formatting played a role in your grade for a project?
  • What do you know and what have instructors told you about style guides, such as MLA, APA, etc.?
  • What sort of instructions and advice have you received from faculty about researching and writing with sources?
  • How has your thinking about research and writing evolved over your higher education career?

All work is due Friday at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time.