Week 3

1.   Read your peers’ Log #3 in CIDocs and leave comments for each of the peers in your group:
  • Does your peer’s response indicate a basic understanding of how purpose, audience, persona, and argument play a role in the project?
  • Is there anything that your peer has missed or left out when discussing outside sources for the project?
  • What do you think about the lessons your peer has put forth to discuss? Do they seem to fit the assignment? Are some ideas more effective than others? Which one(s) appeal to you most?
2.   Log #4: Literacy narrative
  • Write a literacy narrative that discusses your relationship with reading and writing. It should be at least two pages and may focus on any part of your experience, including non-school literacy activities. You do not need to tell us your entire history, but instead, should pick out 2 or 3 events that would help readers better understand the role literacy plays in your life.
  • Use standard essay formatting, such as paragraphing, capitalization of “I,” complete sentences, and correct spelling.
  • Tie the essay together with a main idea (thesis, a point, whatever you want to call it) which may require you to write and revise the essay.

Please put a page break (see Google Doc Insert drop down menu) between log entries. 

3.   Log #5: Finalize your research idea for Making a Difference and begin research for the project.
  • Watch Choosing a Research Topic.
  • Discuss your research idea by identifying the research idea you have selected and explain in 200 -300 words how it is connected to your studies/major or interests, how it can be scaled to the $10,000 award, and how it benefits or tells us more about a local community or situation.
  • Start researching with Google (or whatever is your preferred search engine) and see what you come up with. If there is anything helpful, create an annotation (see below).
  • Move on to the library database research by going to Databases by Subject and selecting the major that fits best with your research idea.
  • Find 5 sources that relate in someway to your research idea: select only full text articles that you can download or access immediately.
  • Create an annotated bibliography with the 5 sources by doing  the following:

Bibliographic reference: Part 1  of the annotation – list the writer(s), the title, what media published the material, date published,  and links.

Descriptive paragraph: Part 2 of the annotation – address the following in your paragraph:

  1. What is the text’s big issue?
  2. What claim(s) does the text make that is relevant to your research proposal?
  3. What are examples/quotes from the text that are relevant to your research proposal?
  4. How does this text connect to any of the other texts you have selected for the bibliography?

Organize the log by placing the discussion of your research idea first, then follow it with your annotated bibliography. The bibliographic reference and the descriptive paragraph should be kept together for each of your 5 entries.

Note: Working with databases can be a challenge. If you need assistance, seek it out now rather than later.

All work is due Friday at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time.