Week 13

1.   Peer Review Thinking About Reading and Writing draft
  • Groups
  • Group 1 peer reviews group 2, group 2 peer reviews group 3, group 3 peer reviews group 4, etc. Group 8 will peer review group 1.
2.   What to discuss in peer review?  As a team, address these issues by leaving comments on the document for the team.
  • Does the draft meet all project requirements?
  • Does the abstract meet length requirements? Is it written in a clear style that effectively summarizes the report?
  • Does the introduction lay out the organization for the entire report?
  • Are all 5 sources analyzed equally in the body of the report? Is there a clear analytical strategy employed for each source?
  • Does the conclusion make direct comparisons between sources? Does it make a recommendation(s)? Does it suggest potential additional research?
  • Does the report read like a single voice wrote it or can you tell where one writer stops and another begins?
  • Does the report read like a formal document?
3.   You Ought to Know project due
  • Post web page link in the You Ought to Know>Web page links
  • Create Google slides presentation in You Ought to Know slides
  • Upload your screencast to You Tube, then post the link on the You Ought to Know>Screencast presentation links

The most important factors in grading this project are:

  • Meeting the deadline,
  • Following instructions as detailed on the project page,
  • Completing all 3 parts of the assignment.
4.   Portfolio preparation

Your portfolio, consisting of the Making a Difference project and the Thinking About Reading and Writing project will be due next week. Now is the time to begin final revisions and edits, as well as seek out any assistance from peers or faculty.

All work is due Friday at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time.