Week 13

1.   Peer Review Thinking About Reading and Writing draft
  • Groups
  • Group 1 peer reviews group 2, group 2 peer reviews group 3, group 3 peer reviews group 4, etc. Group 8 will peer review group 1.
2.   What to discuss in peer review?  As a team, address these issues by leaving comments on the document for the team.
  • Does the draft meet all project requirements?
  • Does the abstract meet length requirements? Is it written in a clear style that effectively summarizes the report?
  • Does the introduction lay out the organization for the entire report?
  • Are all 5 sources analyzed equally in the body of the report? Is there a clear analytical strategy employed for each source?
  • Does the conclusion make direct comparisons between sources? Does it make a recommendation(s)? Does it suggest potential additional research?
  • Does the report read like a single voice wrote it or can you tell where one writer stops and another begins?
  • Does the report read like a formal document?
3.   You Ought to Know screencast script and slides due
  • Write out a script or detailed outline of what you want to say before recording the screencast. Doing so saves time and makes for a smoother presentation with less “ohhs” and “humms”.
  • Show and discuss specific examples from your web page to support your claims about how you tailored the document to address the criteria laid out in your Top 10 list (Log #7).
  • Create the slides in CIDocs by going to the You Ought to Know slides folder. Click new and choose Slides. If you are new to Google Slides, it might be worth watching a tutorial.
  • Create a minimum of 12 slides: One for each item on your Top 10 list, one as an introduction slide, one as a conclusion slide. You may have more than 12 slides.
  • Your script for your screencast must be pasted into each slide. In other words, I want to see what you will say related to what is on the slide. Use the section, Click to add speaker notes, found directly below the slide and paste your script for that slide there. This way, I can review both your images and text at the same time.

All work is due Friday at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time.