Week 12

1.   Thinking About Reading and Writing abstract and conclusion due

Abstract description:

An abstract is a brief statement that outlines the report in full. It should include your recommendation and be written last .


 100-200 words.

Where to post your abstract: 

Post in front of the introduction.

Conclusion description:

The conclusion section

  • discusses your findings and their significance;
  • argues for your recommendations,
  • critiques your protocol/criteria;
  • and lastly, suggests additional research sources.


500 – 600 words.

Where to post your conclusion:

Post after the body of your report.

2.   Log #12: Presentation essay

Write a two-page (minimum), double-spaced personal essay where you discuss your experience presenting. You are welcome to discuss presentations involving school projects, but you may also discuss presenting in extracurricular and work situations.  Some ideas to explore in this essay:

  • Strengths you have shown in previous presentations,
  • Weaknesses you have shown in previous presentations,
  • Descriptions of your most effective presentation experience and why it was effective,
  • Descriptions of your least effective presentation experience and what you learned from the experience,
  • Your experiences working with slides and other technology.
Deadline Reminders:
  • You Ought to Know project due next Friday
  • Portfolio due May 3 @ 9 AM

All work is due Friday at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time.