Week 11

1.   Log #13: You Ought to Know Presentation reading and project analysis
  • What is the purpose of the You Ought to Know presentation from the professor’s point of view? What is the purpose of the presentation from your point of view?
  • Who is the audience for the presentation?
  • How should you present yourself in the presentation? Describe the persona that you should adopt when presenting.
  • What will be the argument for this presentation?
  • Identify and define directive verbs used in the assignment.
  • What formatting and style guidelines are required for the presentation?

Please put a page break (see Google Doc Insert drop down menu) between log entries. 

2.   Log #14: Presentation essay

Write a two-page (minimum), double-spaced personal essay where you discuss your experience presenting. You are welcome to discuss presentations involving school projects, but you may also discuss presenting in extracurricular and work situations.  Some ideas to explore in this essay:

  • Strengths you have shown in previous presentations,
  • Weaknesses you have shown in previous presentations,
  • Descriptions of your most effective presentation experience and why it was effective,
  • Descriptions of your least effective presentation experience and what you learned from the experience,
  • Your experiences working with slides and other technology.

Please put a page break (see Google Doc Insert drop down menu) between log entries. 

3.   Log #15: Creating slide presentations
  • Google the phrase creating slide presentations. You will retrieve a number of online articles.
  • Choose at least 3 of the articles to read and write about.
  • Part 1: Begin the log entry by listing the name of the article’s writer(s), the name of the article, and by providing a link to the article (you may paste the URL or create a hypertext).
  • Part 2: Create a Top 10 list to serve as a writing guide for you as you begin creating your slides.  Bullet points and numbers are acceptable for your list. Each item on your list should have a short description that will help you and others know why you put it on your list.
4.   Continue work on Thinking About Reading and Writing project
  • Project groups: If there are any errors or corrections that need to be made, please let me know.
  • Draft due next week.

All work is due Friday at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time.