Week 10

1.   Select Your Collaborators for Thinking About Reading and Writing
  • Review your peers’ log  #11, to find collaborators for the next assignment. Look for individuals that have similar goals for the class and project as you. Consider your peer review experiences. I will expect you to solve group problems, so choose wisely and prepare yourself to handle whatever situation should arise.
  • Identify one or two other people to join you in this endeavor and contact them in-person or through campus email.
  • If you are not able to find partners by this week’s deadline, the instructor will assign you to a group. I encourage you to pick your own collaborators, rather than having me assign them.
2.   Select Your Cornerstone Readings
  • Your cornerstone reading is as important as your collaborators. You may want to pick the cornerstone first and see who wants to work on the topic with you.  If you can’t get into the topic, none of this will be worthwhile. Each of these cornerstone readings are about reading/writing challenges. You may want to consider picking a topic that you struggle with and want to learn more about. Try to see the project as a mechanism for strengthening your own writing.
  • Your cornerstone reading is one of your five sources. You and your collaborators will need to seek out a minimum of four additional sources that further your knowledge and understanding about the topic of your cornerstone reading.
3.   Report Your Decision to the Instructor

Fill out this form.

4.   Begin Work on the Project

You have a draft due in two weeks and a final portfolio due in 4 weeks, which includes this project. Pay careful attention to the formatting and content information detailed on the project under Important Information.

All work is due Friday at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time.