Week 1

1.   Welcome video from the professor

This video is the same as the one included in your email. If you have already viewed it, move on to activity 2.

2.   Review the Syllabus and complete this form.
3.   Create your Log
  • Log on to MyCI and go to CIDocs
  • Click on the Shared with Me folder on the left side of the screen.
  • Find the English 330 folder I shared with you and open it.
  • Find the folder labeled “Logs” and open it.
  • Click on the new button then scroll down and click on Google Docs to create a new doc.
  • Click on “Create and Share” when the pop up “Create in a Shared Folder?” comes up. Everyone in the class has access to everyone’s documents. Often, classmates will read and comment on other classmates’ log entries.
  • Name the doc using your first name (e.g. Clifton’s log).
  • Write all log entries for the semester in this document, placing a page break (see the Insert drop down menu to add a page break) between each.
4.   Log #1: Principles of Learning
  • Locate the section, Principles of Learning in the Syllabus.
  • Write a two-page (minimum), double-spaced  short personal essay relating these principles in the syllabus to your college/university learning experiences thus far. You do not need to discuss all of the principles, but should discuss at least 5 out of seven.
  • Use standard essay formatting, such as paragraphing, capitalization of “I,” complete sentences, and correct spelling.
  • Tie the essay together with a main idea (thesis, a point, whatever you want to call it) which may require you to write and revise the essay.

Please put a page break (see Google Doc Insert drop down menu) between log entries. 

5.   Log #2: Making A Difference project reading and analysis
  • What is the purpose of the Making a Difference project from the professor’s point of view? What is the purpose of the project from your point of view? How will this project be valuable to you?
  • Who is the audience for the project? Is there more than one audience for this project? Identify and describe them. In what ways are these audiences familiar and unfamiliar to you?
  • How should you present yourself in the project? Describe the voice, tone, and persona that you should adopt when writing the project.
  • What will be the argument for this project?
  • Identify and define all the directive verbs used in the assignment.
  • What qualifies as an effective outside source for this project? Where might you locate these outside sources? What sections in the project will need outside sources the most?
  • What formatting and style guidelines are required for the project?
  • Generate a preliminary list of ideas (at least 3 ideas) you might have an interest in researching further for this project and write a short paragraph saying why these ideas interest you.

All work is due Friday at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time.