English 330 Weekly Class Agenda

Week 1 – Introductions, Writing logs, Resume assignment

Week 2 – Resumes due, Teams assigned. Review of team presentations and writing assignments

Week 3 – Discuss slides and best practices for using them for upcoming presentation.

Week 4Presentations, Topics for “Advice…” due

Week 5“Advice…” draft due

Week 6 – Team meetings with the professor

Week 7 – No class, “Collaborative Reflection” draft due

Week 8 – Discuss Individual assignments: grant writing & web pages

Week 9 – Drafting “Making a Difference”; one-to-one meetings with professor

Week 10“Making a Difference” draft due

Week 11 – Drafting “You Ought to Know”; one-to-one meetings with professor

Week 12“You Ought to Know” draft due

Week 13 – Thanksgiving week – No class

Week 14Portfolio due, No class, extended office hours

Week 15 – No class, “You Ought to Know” web page and screencast due