English 330 Online: Weekly Class Agenda

To access the full weekly agenda including weekly log assignments and instructions for completing logs and projects, click on the week to open the page.

Week 1: Course Introduction, Making a Difference (MAD) project.

Week 2:  You Ought to Know (YOK) project

Week 3: Finalize research topic for MAD,  MAD research and annotated bibliography

Week 4: MAD Introduction due,  Finalize topic for YOK  project

Week 5: MAD Background and Rationale due, Peer review

Week 6: MAD Methods due

Week 7: , MAD Budget, Timeline, Works Cited and Statement of Purpose due.

Week 8: Peer Review; YOK continues; Log 1 grading begins Friday,  March 20 @ 9 AM 

Spring Break

Week 9: The Conversation project, YOK continues

Week 10:  The Conversation groups finalized, YOK continues

Week 11: YOK project due Friday, April 17 @ 9 AM, Continued work on The Conversation.

Week 12: The Conversation draft due

Week 13:  Portfolio preparation

Week 14: Portfolio review; Portfolio due Friday, May 8 @ 9 AM

Week 15: Reflection due/Begin Log 2 grading Friday,  May 15 @ 9 AM