English 105 Weekly Class Agendas

To access the full weekly agenda including log assignments and instructions, click on the week to open the page.

Week 1 – Introduction materials, personal essay discussing principles of learning.

What is Academic Writing?

Research Prospectus and Reflective Bibliography

Week 2 – Understanding the assignment; Cornerstone reading: “What is Academic Writing?” Reading comprehension: “Improving your reading comprehension skills” web post

Week 3 – Additional Reading Spaces chapter; Reading to write: “Read like a writer”

Week 4 – OWL source; “Reading Games” chapter

Week 5 – J-Stor source; “What is critical thinking,”  Research Prospectus and Reflective Bibliography Draft due

Week 6 – Peer review, revision, Research Prospectus and Reflective Bibliography submission due


Week 7Online class; midterm scoring, “Looking for trouble” chapter; Reading logs due Friday, March 13 @ 9 AM 

Week 8 – Research Prospectus and Reflective Bibliography assessment discussion, Reading log assessment discussion “Finding your way in” chapter

Spring Break

Week 9 – Understanding the writing assignment, Outlining, Research: “Divide and Conquer” web article

Week 10 – 1 Body paragraph with 1 source, “Annoying ways people use sources,” “Help! I’ve been asked to synthesize”

Week 11 – 3 Body paragraphs with multiple sources, Developing paragraphs

Week 12Draft due with introduction/conclusion; reflection draft due next week

Week 13 – Complete draft due including introduction/conclusion and reflection

Week 14Research essay due Friday, May 8 @ 9 AM

Week 15Online class; Writing logs due Friday, May 15 @ 9 AM