English 105 Week 9

In Class

1.   Final essay discussion
  • What is the purpose of the Midterm essay project from the professor’s point of view? What is the purpose of the project from your point of view? How will this project be valuable to you?
  • Who is the audience for the project? Is there more than one audience for this project? Identify and describe them. In what ways are these audiences familiar and unfamiliar to you?
  • How should you present yourself in the project? Describe the voice, tone, and persona that you should adopt when writing the project.
  • What will be the argument for this project?
  • Identify and define all the directive verbs used in the assignment.
  • What qualifies as an effective outside source for this project? Where might you locate these outside sources? What sections in the project will need outside sources the most?
  • What formatting and style guidelines are required for the project?
2.  Everyday texts: Making a smart choice about a text to analyze


1.   Log #14: What I’ve learned about rhetoric from the class readings
  • Read “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” and “Rhetorical Analysis in the Real World”
  • Write a 1 1/2 – 2 page, double-spaced essay describing what you’ve taken away from the readings with regard to rhetoric. You can also discuss the effectiveness of learning from reading.
  • Discuss and cite from both articles (“Backpacks v. Briefcases” and “Rhetorical Analysis in the Real World”) in your log.
2.   Peer review groups:

To help you get to know others and their writing, we will have new peer review groups for logs. These log peer review groups will be stay the same the remainder of the semester..

3.  Read your peers’ Log #12 in CIDocs and leave comments for each of the peers in your group:
  • Does your peer’s response indicate a basic understanding of how purpose, audience, persona, and argument play a role in the project?
  • Is there anything that your peer has missed or left out when discussing  the project?
  • What do you think about the everyday texts your peer has put forth to discuss? Do they seem to fit the assignment? Are some more effective than others? Which one(s) appeal to you most?
All work must be completed and submitted by Friday @ 9 AM.