English 105 Week 6


1.   Peer Review: Questions to consider
  • What is the essay’s definition of academic writing? How well is the argument presented that supports that definition?
  • Are the writer’s sources in conversation with one another? As the purpose of the essay is to make connections between sources, what could the writer do to be more effective in synthesizing sources?
  • How effectively does the essay address its intended audience of English faculty?
  • How effectively is the writer’s persona presented in the essay? Does the writer effectively synthesize his/her experiences with the outside sources?
  • Are there passages that are unclear?
  • Are there any formatting or grammar, punctuation, and/or mechanics errors that need to be fixed before submission?
  • What works and is effective in the essay now?
2.   Peer Review Groups: Peer review to be of any value must be completed no later than 9 AM Thursday morning.

3.   Log #9: Peer review assessment 

  • Paragraph 1: Write about what you learned about writing this essay from reading your peers’ essay. In other words, how did looking at someone else’s draft help you better understand your own essay? Identify your peers in your entry.
  • Paragraph 2: Write about what you learned from your peers’ responses to your essay. Identify the most helpful suggestions and why you found them helpful.
  • Paragraph 3: How helpful were the peer review questions (see above) that the professor provided? Did they further your understanding of some of the concepts discussed in class and how they apply to an essay?
4.   Essay submission and scoring information: Please follow instructions carefully.
All work must be completed and submitted by Friday @ 9 AM