English 105 Week 5

In Class

1.   Editing your essay
  • Main idea: Repetition with a purpose (Highway metaphor)
  • Paragraphs: Mini essays with distinct sections
  • Sentences: Structure, variety
  • Word choice: meaning, rhythm
  • Sources/Citations/Works Cited: Check the details
2.   Essay submission and scoring information

Before Next Class

1.   Log #9: Midsemester assessment

Write a two-page (minimum), double-spaced personal essay where you look back over the first half of the semester and attempt to identify what you have learned thus far.

  • Address what you have learned thus far from researching and writing the midterm essay.
  • Address your log and what it has taught you as you wrote and explored different topics (analyzing assignments and readings, exploring various writing concepts) in this less formal format.
  • Address your peer review experiences thus far and what you have learned from working with your peers collectively and individually.
  • Address the environment this class takes place in and how the physical make up of the classroom, the structure the instructor establishes, and the activities of the class have impacted you and your learning.
  • Make note of any other ideas, thoughts, concerns you would like to share with me. I look forward to reading your reflections and responding to them.
All work must be completed by Friday, 10/5 @ 9 AM.