English 105 Week 15

Online Class

1.   Log #20: Self-evaluation Final

Your first log entry asked you to discuss the Principles of Learning in the Syllabus. As you bring this semester to a close, I would like you to revisit those principles and discuss them in light of this semester and the work you have done for this class.

  • To what extent did the principles apply to this course and your experience?
  • Were some principles more significant to your experience than others?
  • What examples from your experience can you share to show what the principles are like as a lived experience?
  • How did the medium of a face-to-face course with online sessions play a role in how the principles played out?
  • How can you take these principles into your future learning/working endeavors?

Note: This is the final log before I grade it. If any of your work was late or incomplete, I encourage you to finish it now, prior to this week’s deadline. You will still be penalized but completing any missing work will improve your grade.

All work must be completed by Friday @ 9 AM