English 105 Week 14

In Class

1.   Peer Review: Questions to consider
  • Does the essay meet the assignments minimum requirements?
  • How clear is the writer’s purpose in the essay?
  • How effectively does the essay address its audience?
  • How effectively is the writer’s persona presented in the essay?
  • What is the essay’s argument and is it worth considering? How well is the argument presented?
2.   Document review


1.   Log #19: Peer review assessment

  • Part 1: Write about what you learned about writing this essay from reading your peer’s essay. Identify your peer in your entry.
  • Part 2: Write about what you learned from your peer’s responses to your essay. Identify the most helpful suggestions and why you found them helpful.
  • Part 3: Finally, write out a list of items you will tend to on the draft between now and next week when when you submit it.
2.   Essay submission and scoring information
All work must be completed and submitted by Friday @ 9 AM