English 105 Week 13


1.   Final Essay revision tips
  • Remember the secondary title as you consider the purpose of the essay: An I-Learn Essay. The essay should be about your learning experience more than it is a rhetorical analysis. Through your engagement with the readings, the class discussions, the attempt at analyzing an “everyday text,” you should have picked up information about yourself as a learner. The purpose of this essay is to explore those ideas.
  • Write about what is transferable as that will make the purpose of the essay more significant: The essay should address what you will take from this learning experience into your next one. Academic work is about taking a theory, such as rhetoric, and applying it. You will do this over and over in the future. Tell your reader what you’ve discovered about yourself as a learner from this assignment and how you will take it into your future classes.
  • Create an argument based on what you have learned about yourself as a learner: The essay should argue for how you learn. It may not be a perfect way of learning, but it is where you’re at now. Again, if you found something that is transferable to other learning situations, that will make for a stronger argument. Use your rhetorical analysis as evidence or as an example of your learning; the same would be true for how you interacted with the readings.
  • Develop a persona that is curious and open to learning: The essay should be a celebration of yourself as a learner, not a slough that your readers have to force themselves to get through. To some degree, approach this essay as a scientist whose subject is you and how you learn. Don’t spend a lot of time criticizing yourself or telling your reader what went wrong. Instead, look at your behaviors as leading you to be successful, which you are. You’re about to pass this course. Write like it.
  • Imagine an audience that is deeply interested in you as a learner. The essay should feed the reader’s desire to see you find something meaningful in the assignment. Your reader is rooting for your success. They want to better understand this journey that for the most part went unseen by everyone else. They want to be let into your world.
2.  Peer Review Groups: Questions to consider as you peer review
  • Does the essay meet the assignments minimum requirements?
  • How clear is the writer’s purpose in the essay?
  • How effectively does the essay address its audience?
  • How effectively is the writer’s persona presented in the essay?
  • What is the essay’s argument and is it worth considering? How well is the argument presented?
3.   Log #19: Peer review assessment
  • Part 1: Write about what you learned about writing this essay from reading your peers’ projects. Identify your peers in your entry.
  • Part 2: Write about what you learned from your peer’s responses to your project. Identify the most helpful suggestions and why you found them helpful.
  • Part 3: Finally, write out a list of items you will tend to on the draft between now and next week when you submit it.
4.   Log #20: Reflection on week 11

Week 11 (November 5 -11) was an extraordinary week by any standards. An important midterm election took place that some of you may have voted in for the first time. A horrific domestic terrorist attack took place at the Borderline, a club frequented by CI students, where 12 innocent people lost their lives and some of you lost friends. Finally, the week ended with the outbreak of wild fires causing many of you to be evacuated and others to possibly lose their homes. What do you think and feel about these events? As you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, it seems worthwhile to spend some time reflecting on the events of that fateful week and to explore your initial reactions to it. While talking is certainly worthwhile, writing out your thoughts can often have a greater long term impact on you.

While I look forward to reading your thoughts, this assignment is for you and to benefit you. Thus, there are no requirements to fulfill and no specific topics that you must address. Instead, I want you to have an opportunity to experience the healing power of writing as you collect your thoughts about the week that was and how it may continue to play a role in your future.

All work must be completed by Friday @ 9AM