English 105 Week 11

In Class

1.   Rhetorical analysis practice


1.   Select an everyday text to rhetorically analyze (“What is Academic Writing?” offers a guide in how to analyze on pages 10-11 and elsewhere in the essay.)
2.   Conduct a rhetorical analysis of the everyday text by choosing one of the following  strategies and applying it to your everyday text.
3.   Log #15: Draft a rhetorical analysis of an everyday text
  • Complete activities 1 & 2 first;
  • Write a 3-page, double-spaced analysis.
  • Cite the strategy source from #2 and refer to it and your everyday text often. Other sources are welcome, too.

This log entry will carry over to week 11 and will be due at the end of week 11.

4.   Peer Review: Read your peers’ Log #16 in CIDocs and leave comments.
  • Go to the log folder and click on your peer’s log. Everyone in the class has access to everyone’s documents.
  • Leave comments by using what is called the 2 stars and one wish approach. Stars are positive – leave 2 positive comments; a wish is an improvement you would like to see – leave 1 improvement comment.
5.   Log #17: Peer Review Practice
  • Read this essay: Think about purpose, audience, persona, and argument and how each are presented. Write your impressions on how effective you think the writer is rhetorically.
  • Consider how you might score this essay using the Writing Criteria. Write how you might score the essay and list reasons why.
  • Think about the structure and organization of the essay and how you might use a similar strategy for your final essay. Describe what that might look like using material from your logs.
All work must be completed and submitted by Friday @ 9 AM.