English 103/105 Weekly Agendas

Week 1: Review/Introductions, Google Drive, CIKeys Quiz

Week 2: “Reading Games”, “What is Literacy?” preview

Week 3: “What is Literacy?”, Project 1

Week 4: “What is Literacy?” research

Week 5: Incorporating sources

Week 6: Project 1: Draft of Introduction due, Peer review

Week 7: Project 1: Draft of Literacy Gallery due, Peer review

Week 8: No face-to-face class, Project 1: Reflection due, Midterm 1

Spring Break

Week 9: Schedule change discussion, Revising

Week 10: Introduction

Week 11: Literacy gallery

Week 12: Reflection

Week 13: Pulling it all together, one-to-one meetings with instructor, Portfolio review

Week 14: Scoring, Preparing Portfolio Submission, Editing, Midterm 2

Week 15: Portfolio collection