Collaborative Reflection


Lisa Ede and Andrea Lunsford. “Why Write Together?” Rhetoric Review. 1.2 (1983): 150 – 157.

Collaborative Reflection (Portfolio)

  • Answers the questions: “What was it like to collaborate on these projects?” “What did you learn from each other that you’ll take into your next collaboration?”
  • A reflection of 4 – 5 pages discussing the collaboration process for both the Thinking About Audience presentation and the Advice for Beginning College Students essay.
  • The audience for your reflection will be faculty.
  • The essay must be posted in the CIDocs folder, Advice for Beginning College Students. The collaborative essay should be in the same document as the “Advice” essay and immediately follow it. Insert a page break between the two essays.

Draft Due Week 7

  • Discuss all 3 collaborative activities, but try to find some common element or insight that ran through all of them to use as a main idea pulling the reflection together.
  • Citations and outside sources are not required for the Collaborative Reflection, but if you use them, you will need to cite them following the MLA Style Guide.
  • The document should be semi-formal in keeping with the audience you are writing it for. Personal pronouns are acceptable.
  • You may include images in the document if you believe they enhance the reader’s understanding of your discussion.
  • When submitting this assignment in your portfolio, it will be considered a part of Advice for Beginning College Students.